1 meat, 1 vegetable,

1 starch,salad,bread,

and beverage

$18 per person

 Min 10 orders

$21 per person

 Min 10 orders

2 meats, choice of

either 2 vegetables or 2 starches, salad, bread,

and beverage

2 meats, 2 vegetables, 2 starches, salad, bread,

and beverage

$15 per person 

Min 10 orders

Basic Packages 

Wedding Package 

Wedding Packages start at $25 per person includes decorations. Call or email us for additional details.

Deposits & Guaranteed Minimum Guest Count
Your cost sheet will reflect a guaranteed minimum guest count. Your non-refundable 50% deposit secures your date and our services and is based upon the guest count. Your minimum guest count is not eligible for a reduction in guests beyond two weeks (14 days). You will be responsible for 100% of the Guaranteed Minimum Guest Count. Dial’s Catering will be prepared to serve a maximum of 10% over your guest count. The 50% security deposit is due upon acceptance of your cost sheet, menu, and administrative fee. Remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your event.

Military Discount 

15% off of final bill but only if the person that booking is the veteran.

Corporate Package 

Corporate Packages start at $16 per person. Call or email us for additional details.